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GTA installation folder was not found / missing

Sometimes the launcher manages to find your GTAV folder without an issue but if you come across the error of “GTA installation folder was not found / is missing” you can manually point it to where your GTAV folder is located. To do that do the following;

Go on the launcher - at the top click folders -> open FiveM if you can not access this part of the launcher due to the error it should be located in “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\FiveM-FRP” In the folder, double click and open "FiveM app" or might be "FiveM application data" In the FiveM application data, find CitizenFX.ini -> right click, select edit In there, there's a link that says "IVPath=[game path]"
You have to tell that where the GTA folder is located: Example IVPath=D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V

If you open FiveM Application Data folder and you do NOT have a file named “CitizenFX.ini” do the following;
Go to the top of file explorer -> Click view -> and click "File name extensions" (Make sure this is turned on) then In the “FiveM application data” folder, right click in a blank space -> click new -> text document Name this "CitizenFX.ini" (Remove the .txt from the name)
Then right click the file and edit then copy and paste the following two lines and complete the IV path:
(Remember to fill the game path following from the example above and then save and exit)

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