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TheFamilyRP Help Guide


What is auto-queue?

Auto-queue is a feature found in the launcher which will hold you in a deferral queue until a set time. The launcher will take into account the expected wait time and move you from deferral into queue with the intention of getting you into server for the time you have set. This helps with allowing you to go about your day and not have to worry so much about how long your queue is going to take.
Note:- This typically requires that you queue 12-16 hours in advance else you will receive the error below and be placing right into queue. This will require you to leave queue and remove your grace to try again.

How do I use auto-queue?

To use auto-queue you must not already be in queue. Then when you click launch, you will be prompted to set a time. This time is the time you're wanting to be in server.
(The time is in your timezone but date is in the format of MM/DD/YYYY)

How do I know it's working?

When you are successfully in auto-queue you should see the following. Once this is all set-up you should be good to close the launcher and shut down your computer if you wish. You can then DM the StatusBot found in the public discord %position and it will let you know where you're at in queue.
When you have around 1 hour remaining until your auto-queue time, you need to make sure you have TheFamilyRP launcher open. (Note this may prompt again to set a time just close the box and it should find your previous queue position)

Another thing to note is, when you're deferring the queue order will change. This meaning it doesn't show you "Where you are / how many in queue." Instead it shows "Where you are in queue / where it expects you to be when your deferral finishes"

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